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 Zero Tolerance "Lyrics"

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PostSubject: Zero Tolerance "Lyrics"   Fri May 04, 2007 5:10 pm

Into the unknown

While the earth is turning
And the sun is burning
I have seen the gateway that leads beyond
So far away from the burning sun
The slaves is screaming from the leads
The enemies blinded themselves by the black heart

I'm looking out for my soul
Between the dark and the sunlight
I know this dark so well
Because I have walked before from here
To the silent of the night and the moonlight
But I got lost to another road

The night has just died
By the sound of the leads
And the shadows of the darkness
The water become bloody red
And the air become fire
Someone better tell me what it's all about
This is your time, not mine, for another life...
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Zero Tolerance "Lyrics"
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